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Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
. doesn't this come down to where he said this about the pentagon. it is bloated and needs to be pared down. that's his greatest sin isn't it? >> that is one of them. i think the other was questioning the iraq war and eventually coming out and opposing the iraq war and saying after he cast the vote in favor of the iraq war, coming back and saying you know what? this was the wrong move. that created a lot of animosity. and we have seen criticism from the left. i do want to see a confirmation process. i want to know how he'll behave towards lbgt members of the military. >> and he has already apologized for those statements. >> absolutely. absolutely. but the charges that -- i mean, the thing that has really been ludicrous is because he hasn't been with mccain and lieberman an every vote in israel, not only is his anti-israel, he's anti-semitic. i think that shuts down any debate on the topic. >> had a change of heart as he was saying on the iraq war. and as peter binehart writes on the daily beast, the former vietnam rifleman realized that detached and self-interested elites were sending
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
and on the president's policy descriptions for the pentagon. so i am not worried about chuck hagel, about what he said 15 years ago, especially since he has since apologized and has made affirmative statements. >> yes, he has, indeed. now, john, john brennan has 25 years of service at the cia. he's expected to be questioned rigorously on the issue of torture or enhanced interrogation techniques as they're known by some. does this present mr. brennan with some real challenge given his oversight of enhanced interrogation techniques under the previous administration? >> well, i mean, since he was there in the previous administration, if the senate wants to ask him those questions, then, yes, they will provide some discomfort for him, but remember when president obama came into office, it was he who said we are no longer doing this. this is not who we are as a country, and so if the senate wants to litigate past battles that even the president of the united states doesn't want to litigate, then that's on them. >> okay. final question to you, jimmy, how do you think his leadership, mr. brennan's leadership
Jan 11, 2013 1:00pm PST
not want to rush into warfare as a first resort sitting there in charge of the pentagon. >> right. mike, on a slightly broader scale, are you at all concerned that this president's rightful desire to get our troops out of these entrenched and intractable conflicts, that this may point to a less vigorous role for the united states in terms of international affairs? >> you know, it's one of the big questions before us, martin, and i am struck that the syrian civil war, where i think there are no good answers and i'm not a big interventionist myself, it may require a little more american and international role than we've been willing to countenance so far for the very reason you mentioned but i'm hopeful president obama is actually going to be pretty careful on his subsequent afghanistan decisions as i think you mentioned. today's press conference did not promise any particular rapid drawdown path. yes, we're hearing a general sense of war weariness. yes, the president is going to find rhetoric that says we're gradually getting out, but i think he will probably still keep several thousand
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)